Bridging the Gap Between Physical Health and Mental Health

178143973 psychiatry FHMCThe way health care is being delivered is evolving as a result of the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act. One very important change is the transition to providing more integrated care. An excellent example of an integrated care model is Flushing Hospital’s efforts to provide patient-centered care that focuses on integrating mental and physical health in the Ambulatory and Behavioral Health Centers.

Traditionally, primary care and behavioral services have been treated separately, with minimal collaboration. With improved coordination and integration, behavioral health issues can be diagnosed and treated in medical clinics and physical health issues can be diagnosed and treated in behavioral health clinics to improve integrated treatment planning and clinical outcomes.

 Flushing Hospital has been making strides in bridging the gap between behavioral and medical services for many years. In 2007 and 2011 the hospital’s Department of Psychiatry and Addiction Services was awarded more than $1.4 million dollars to integrate mental and physical health. The basic principles of the integration project are to help people age successfully through diet, exercise, the pursuit of mental challenges, self-efficacy, which is the “I can do it spirit,” and social support, which is “we can help each other age successfully” approach.

Additionally, Flushing Hospital is applying for NYS funds to further integrate behavioral and physical health across our network of services and throughout Queens. If awarded the funds, Flushing Hospital, and the MediSys Health Network, would look to integrate mental health and primary care by offering both services in convenient locations.

Another way Flushing Hospital continues to address building a link between improved physical and mental health is through its annual behavioral health conference. Every year, the hospital hosts a symposium to educate members of the medical and mental health community. This year’s conference is titled “Is Integrated Care a Solution to the Challenges Facing Health Care.” For more information about the conference, please see the attached brochure.Behavioral Health 2014

For more information about Flushing Hospital’s efforts to create a healthier community, both physically and mentally, please call 718-670-4416

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