Islam Family Praises Flushing Hospital For Exceptional Care

The decision of where to have your baby delivered is an especially important one. Flushing Hospital Medical Center considers it an honor when we are entrusted with this responsibility, and our team does everything in its power to ensure that our patients have a positive and memorable experience. That is why we are so appreciative when one of our families feels compelled to share their story with us.

Nazrul Islam brought his wife Anika to Flushing Hospital to deliver their child earlier this year. Nazrul was initially skeptical of choosing Flushing Hospital based on what some of his neighbors told him, but everything changed when they entered the lobby for her scheduled pre-admission testing. “I was immediately impressed with how beautiful the hospital looked. It felt like a hotel. Everyone was so nice. They treated my wife and I so well,” said Nazrul.

With their fears allayed, Mr. and Mrs. Islam returned two days later for a scheduled cesarean section delivery. According to Nazrul, “We were scheduled for delivery at 8:00 a.m. and by 9:41 my son Saheim was born. Everything was extremely well-managed, and it could not have gone any better.” In addition to how smooth everything went Mr. and Mrs. Islam were also extremely impressed with the accommodations and how well the entire Flushing Hospital team treated them. “We found the Labor, Delivery and Recovery suite to be very spacious and comfortable and everyone from the doctors and nurses to the environmental services and dietary care employees to be so helpful. They made us feel at ease.” Nazrul added “I didn’t hesitate one second when I had to leave my wife and son because I knew they were in great hands. They treated us like a member of the family.”

Mr. and Mrs. Islam are so thankful to Flushing Hospital they have been sharing their positive experience with everyone who will listen. Nazrul stated “I have written multiple positive reviews on-line and I tell all my friends who are thinking about having a baby to choose Flushing Hospital. It is the top hospital in my experience.”

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