The Dangers of Distracted Cycling

More people are cycling these days; for pleasure or for work. With the increase in the number of people using bicycles to get from place to place, there has also been an increase in the number of accidents involving cyclists.

Some of these accidents are due to distracted motor vehicle drivers but others are due to cyclists not paying full attention to the road.

The two most common distractions that lead to accidents are cyclists using ear buds to listen to music or talk on the phone while pedaling. This limits their ability to hear car horns and other audio cues in their surroundings. Another distraction is using hand- held mobile devices. Using cellphones or other mobile devices while riding creates a visual distraction and prevents cyclists from watching the road for signs of danger and holding their handlebars properly.

To ensure their safety, people on bicycles must use their vision and hearing to give their full attention to their environment.

Cyclists should obey the rules of the road, be mindful of keeping their eyes and ears free from distractions, always wear a helmet, and keep in mind that motorists may not be paying attention.

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