April’s Employee Spotlight Shines on Jayne Koerber!

April’s Employee Spotlight shines on Jayne Koerber, clerk and medical transcriber for the Department of Radiology at Flushing Hospital Medical Center (FHMC).  She has been a valued employee at FHMC for the past 32 years.

On any given day, you will find Jayne answering phones, scheduling patient appointments, verifying insurance eligibility and forwarding radiologic reports to the necessary departments.

Jayne Koerber greets every day with a smile.  She states that the part of her job that is most rewarding is, “Helping patients in our hospital and our community; always treating them with respect and compassion.”

She loves her work at FHMC, although it can be challenging because, “You must be able to multi-task.  The phones are always ringing, patients are coming in for registration and insurance companies call for authorizations all simultaneously.”

Jayne resides with her husband Al.  She has two daughters, Elizabeth and Kristina.  She loves to take long walks, cook and shop.  Some of her other non-work related hobbies are working with charities such as The Lupus Foundation, St. Jude’s Hospital Pemphigus Foundation and the Lustgarten Foundation.

Flushing Hospital Medical Center congratulates Jayne Koerber for receiving April’s Employee Spotlight!

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