Why is it Important to Keep the Brain Active ?


Why is it important to exercise your brain? Just like we exercise our bodies to keep it in good working order, research has shown that it is equally important to exercise our brain to keep it sharp and potentially to lower the risk of developing dementia.

A few of the activities that can help exercise the brain are:

  • Working on puzzles
  • Socializing with others
  • Reading books and newspapers
  • Playing board games or cards
  • Volunteering or joining a club
  • Learning how to play an instrument
  • Visiting a museum or going to the movies


It is normal for the brain to slow down with age. We tend to be less active physically and this can affect our brain activity. Therefore in addition to keeping our brains active we should exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. Maintaining our physical health helps the process of neurogenesis which is the creation of new brain cells. Exercise also helps the flow of blood to the brain

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