Holiday Safe Decorating Tips


Decorating your home for the holidays is always so much fun, but did you know that each year an estimated 250 house fires nationwide are caused by faulty holiday lights? Here are some tips for keeping your home safe this year:

  • Before stringing holiday lights always check the sockets to ensure they are not broken or cracked.
  • Never use indoor lights for outdoors use.
  • Turn off the indoor tree lights before going to bed or whenever you leave the house.
  • Do not connect more than three sets of lights to each extension cord.
  • Make sure that your lights have safety labels and are made by reputable companies.
  • Do not use candles on or near a tree.
  • Place your tree and gift-wrapped presents away from sources of heat such as fireplaces.
  • Make sure that your tree is secured firmly to its base so that it can’t tip over.
  • Artificial trees should be fire resistant.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher handy and accessible in case of emergency.

Don’t ruin your holiday by being careless. A little common sense and taking some precautions will ensure a joyous holiday for you and your family.

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