Employee Spotlight Shines on Richard Calvo

This month, we are proud to shine our Employee Spotlight on Richard Calvo, HVAC Mechanic in Flushing Hospital Medical Center’s  Engineering Department.

Richard has been at Flushing Hospital for eight years. He began his career at the hospital in the Housekeeping Department working the overnight shift cleaning the operating rooms. He then transferred to the Engineering Department, first as a grounds keeper and then on to the position he currently holds as an HVAC mechanic.

Richard grew up in Oceanside, Long Island where he attended elementary school through high school.  His family is very important to him and he enjoys spending his free time with them.  Richard has two cats and a dog in his home. In his free time he enjoys reading, especially studying about pressure boiler systems. His favorite TV programs are Japanese Anime. Richard also enjoys comedies and shows about the supernatural. His favorite foods are sushi and Italian food.  He listens to different types of music, especially rock, rap and alternative. He has traveled to Florida and hopes one day to visit Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. Richard’s favorite sports to participate in and to watch are MMA, boxing and swimming.

Richard enjoys working in the Engineering Department at Flushing Hospital because his coworkers have become like family to him. It is a wonderful place to grow and learn. We look forward to Richard continuing to work with us for many more years.

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