Recommendations For People Planning To Travel

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued guidelines for travel to destinations within the United States and internationally. Currently, the CDC recommends delaying travel unless you are fully vaccinated. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 you are advised not to travel. This lessens the risk of contracting and spreading the virus.

According to the CDC, people who are fully vaccinated  can travel safely to destinations within the United States.  Fully vaccinated people do not have to self-quarantine upon arrival at their destination and they do not have to be tested before or after their trip unless it is required by their destination.

Individuals are considered fully vaccinated:

  • Two weeks after receiving their second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine
  • Two weeks after receiving a single-dose vaccine, such as the Johnson and Johnson vaccine

The CDC still recommends that travelers within the United States:

  • Wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth
    • Masks are required on planes, trains, buses, boats and other forms of public transportation.
    • Masks are required in airports, train stations and all other public places
  • Avoid crowded areas
  • Wash their hands and use sanitizers often
  • Remain six feet away from others

People who are not fully vaccinated must be COVID-19 tested 1 – 3 days prior to traveling and again get tested 3 – 5 days after their trip. Travelers must self-quarantine for 7 days after they arrive at their destination. They should also avoid coming in contact with anyone at risk of contracting the virus.

People traveling to the United States from other countries must have an approved Covid test performed 1 -3 days prior to travel and the result must be negative. Documentation of test results must be shown upon request. If the test result is positive, they will not be allowed to enter the United States and will be banned from traveling. International travelers must also follow the safety precautions listed above once they arrive to their destinations.

There is some progress being made in terms of safe travel but there are still many places where the risk of contracting the Covid virus is still high. Therefore, following safety recommendations is always in your best interest.

The CDC will update their recommendations as more people get vaccinated and as the rates of infection diminish. You may get more information about travel by going to the CDC website

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