When Should You Throw Out Makeup?


Beauty products can be expensive!  A recent study estimates that the average woman spends approximately $15,000 on beauty products during her lifetime, $3,770 towards mascara alone. So when it comes time to throw out your makeup, many women might be hesitant to toss that blush, especially if it’s a color or product that’s hard to find or has been discontinued. The reality is, even if you take really good care of your makeup, clean your brushes, and avoid cross contamination, your makeup is a hotbed of bacteria.


Here are a few tips on what you should discard and when:

Blush – 2 years

Eyeshadow – 2 years

Eyeliner – 1 year

Liquid foundation – 2 years

Moisturizer – 2 years

Powder – 2 year

Lipstick – 1 year

Lipliner – 1 year

Brow pencil – 1 year

Concealer – 2 years

Cleanser – 1 year

Mascara – 6 months

One last bit of advice — Wash your brushes every few weeks, letting them air dry standing straight up. Also, immediately discard any makeup that’s broken or missing a lid.

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