Why It’s Important to Stretch After Exercising

Stretching is just as important to exercise as cardio and strength training. Stretching after you work out as well as on a regular basis, helps keep muscles flexible, strong and healthy. Without stretching muscles can become tight and weak.

There are other added benefits of stretching, not only does it support the health of your muscles but it promotes mobility in your joints as well.

Some experts recommend stretching after a workout because the body is more flexible, and there is increased circulation after exercise.   However, if you decide to stretch before your routine, warming up briefly by performing dynamic stretches is strongly suggested. Dynamic stretching involves movement; an example of this type of stretch is doing a lunge with a twist.

It is important to stretch safely. Keep stretches simple and slow. Do not bounce as this can cause small tears in muscles. If you are experiencing pain while stretching-stop- this means you have gone too far.  Lastly, do not forget to breathe.

To gain the most benefits from stretching it is best to do so at least two to three days a week. Before beginning a routine, it is advised that you speak with your doctor first, especially if you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness.

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