The Dangers of Co-Sleeping With Your Infant


New parents have been embracing co-sleeping with their newborns. Proponents claim that it’s an easier and more convenient way to breastfeed and get your baby to sleep through the night with minimal disturbance for either your or your child. However, the American Association of Pediatrics advises against co-sleeping because of the dangers of accidental suffocation and an increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The New York State (NYS) Safe Sleep Initiative has issued new recommendations regarding co-sleeping and asks that you follow the ABCs of safe sleep:

A — Baby should sleep ALONE.

B — Baby should sleep on their BACK.

C — Baby should sleep in a safe CRIB right from the start.

For more information on how best to help your baby get a good night’s rest, check out the NYS Safe Sleep Initiative.



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