The Acai Berry

The acai berry is a grapelike fruit that comes from the rainforests of South America. It contains fiber, antioxidants and heart-healthy fats, and is known as a superfood because of all the health benefits it possesses.

Some of the health benefits that are thought to be attributed to the acai berry are that it:

  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Helps digestion
  • Is good for weight loss
  • Increases energy level
  • Increases immune system response to infection

The acai berry can usually be found in several health food stores or gourmet food shops. It can be eaten raw, but it also comes in tablet form, and as an additive in some juices, energy drinks, ice cream and jelly. It is usually safe to consume but as with all foods, should be eaten in moderation.

If you are concerned about the effects the acai berry may have on medications that you might be taking, consult with your physician first.


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