Flushing Hospital’s Employee Spotlight Shines on our New Qualified Medical Interpreters

March’s Flushing Hospital Medical Center’s (FHMC) Employee Spotlight shines on a group of employees who recently completed the Qualified Medical Interpreter Training program (QMI).

Many of the patients who are treated at FHMC are fluent in a language other than English.  If their care and diagnosis instructions are not given to them in their natural language, they may not completely understand their health issues and what assistance they will need after discharge.

The employees who were certified work in various departments throughout FHMC and will now be able to provide face-to-face language assistance for Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients.

The 14 amazing employees who are now Qualified Medical Interpreter’s are:

Spanish –

  • Elba Cabrera
  • Cinthia Fajardo
  • Tatiano Giraldo
  • Anthony OlivioJack
  • Davila

Mandarin –

  • Shumin Lin
  • Amy Xueyun Zou
  • Yawen Yen
  • Linda Fu
  • Amy Lam
  • Fiona Chen
  • Chai Jiang
  • Xiao Ping You
  • Qin Cang

Flushing Hospital will continue its commitment to grow in cultural sensitivity and train as many QMI’s as possible over the next few months to reach a goal of 100 QMI’s or more.

Congratulations go out to all the new QMI’s !

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