Summer Health Risks for the Obese

With the warmer weather upon us, the chances of suffering heat exhaustion or dehydration are high – and for those who are obese, the risks are even greater.

Silhouette of an tired sportsman at sunset

Health officials list obesity as a major risk factor for heat-related illness because fat is a natural insulator that traps core body heat so the extra layers of fat make it more difficult for the body to release heat. The body will attempt to cool itself by circulating blood to dissipate heat through the skin. An overweight or obese person’s heart must pump even harder on a hot day to circulate blood, and when it can’t meet the body’s demands, the person could pass out…or even worse.

Obesity is a serious health risk all year round, but in the summer the condition is especially dangerous. To combat obesity, Flushing Hospital Medical Center offers a Bariatric Weight Loss Program to the community.

Flushing Hospital’s Bariatric Center is comprised of a multi-disciplinary group of health care providers that are compassionate and fully invested in helping you in every step of your weight loss journey. The service is highlighted by our variety of advanced robotic surgery options available to those who qualify. Our surgeons perform procedures with the aid of the da Vinci surgical robot. This method of surgery is minimally invasive; studies report patients experience shorter hospital stays, less scarring, shorter recovery times and less pain. Other services include: physician monitoring, pre and post-surgical evaluations, personalized dietary and nutritional counseling, and ongoing education and support.

To learn more about Flushing Hospital’s Division of Bariatric surgery, please call 718-670- 8908 or visit our website at

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