National Registered Dietitian Day!

FranGPrizeWinner RDDay2017-2

March 8, 2017, is Registered Dietitian Day. Every year, on the second Wednesday of the month is set aside to honor and highlight the efforts of Registered Dietitians nationwide. Dietitian-Nutritionists work in many sectors of the health field. Here at Flushing Hospital Medical Center (FHMC) Dietitian-Nutritionists work to improve the health of patients, as well as staff. “Registered Dietitian-Nutrition Day is a way for us to continue to spread the word about Dietitian-Nutritionists and the work we do throughout the communities.” stated Michelle Hill, Chief Clinical Dietitian at Flushing Hospital.

In honor of the big day, New York City Council Member Peter Koo awarded a Certificate of Recognition to the hospital’s nutrition team for the commitment they have to the health of others.

Other events at Flushing Hospital included a Healthy Recipe Makeover contest. The first place winner of the contest was Fran Goulston, Coordinator, Performance Improvement, who submitted a recipe using vegetables as an alternative to using red meat in meat balls.

There are approximately 6,600 Registered-Nutritionists in New York State. Each has undergone rigorous academic coursework and training. Dietitian- Nutritionists at FHMC collectively hold bachelors, masters, and PhDs not only in the field of dietetics, but at times in other fields such as business, finance, journalism, and psychology earning them the title of “The Nutrition Experts.”

Flushing Hospital Medical Center urges everyone to make a healthy choice a day to reach your health goals.

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