Meet Andy Suren

Ask anyone at Flushing Hospital if they know Andy Suren and the response will be a resounding “ we sure do”!
Andy has been a very prominent part of the hospital for the past 14 years, and has been involved in many of the day to day operations that take place. Always ready to help, he has been a person people can count on to assist colleagues, patients and visitors.
Andy grew up in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn where he attended New High School. Upon graduation from high school at the age of 17 he enlisted in the Marines where he spent six years protecting our country.   Upon leaving the Marines, he went to work at the United Nations in Manhattan where he served on the bodyguard detail of the Secretary General, Javier Perez Cullar.
He  now resides in Queens with his wife of 38 years. They have one son and four grandsons of whom he is particularly proud. When he isn’t at work, he enjoys taking them all fishing, is an avid Mets fan and also enjoys boxing, which he did for a while as a Marine.
Andy really enjoys working at Flushing hospital because it feels like one big family and the patients and employees make it feel like a wonderful small neighborhood. As Director of Environmental Services he has 76 people who work with him and they all work hard to keep the buildings in great condition every day. Andy has worked in healthcare for 30 years.
Andy is involved in many activities at the hospital, the annual Celebration Dinner and golf events are two of his favorite events, but there are many smaller events that he likes to participate in as well. He really giving enjoys giving back.

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