Flushing Hospital’s New Tool Helps Calm Hospitalized Children

Medical procedures such as blood draws, IV placements, drain removals, and dressing changes can be frightening and unsettling, especially for children. They often need distractions to help them to cope with the fear and anxiety of undergoing these processes.

In an effort to provide children with tools that promote positive coping, Flushing Hospital Medical Center has purchased a Vecta Deluxe  Mobile Sensory  Station with the help of a generous grant from the enCourage Kids Foundation’s Pediatric Hospital Program.

The new multisensory device is designed to keep children distracted by keeping them engaged with its many interactive and calming features such as a projector that displays images such as tropical fish, an aromatic dispenser, a bubble column and fiber optics cables that change colors. Through play and interaction, the Vecta will help patients to alleviate some of the discomforts they may encounter in a medical environment. The machine is mobile and enables the staff to transform any room into a fun or relaxing space.

The sensory station is utilized by Flushing Hospital’s Child Life program where Child Life Specialists such as Rashmi Momaya provide emotional support to children by engaging them in fun and educational activities.

“Hospitalization can be frightening. The Vecta Sensory Station has proven to be effective in helping children to remain engaged and relaxed during procedures. The feedback we have received from patients and parents has been tremendously positive,” shared Rashmi.

Rashmi continued, Flushing Hospital’s Child Life Program is thrilled to have acquired another tool that will help us to provide the best service and care for our patients.”

Flushing Hospital’s Child Life Program aims to meet the special needs of children in our care. Our Child Life Specialists are trained to help patients to overcome fear and anxiety through play, support and education in a safe environment.  We strive to offer patients and families a positive hospital experience.



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