Flushing Hospital’s Dr. Chad P. Gehani Elected President of The American Dental Association

Chade Gehani

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Chad Gehani

Founded in 1859, the American Dental Association (ADA) is our nation’s oldest and largest dental association.  For more than 150 years the organization has been known nationally and internationally as the leading resource on all things related to oral health. Many of the oral care guidelines we are familiar with today were established by the American Dental Association and hundreds of dental care products that we use boast the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance as a symbol of quality assurance.

Recently chosen to lead this globally recognized and influential American institution is Queen’s own Dr. Chad P. Gehani, Chair of Endodontics at Flushing Hospital Medical Center. Dr. Gehani was elected as the 156th President of the American Dental Association in September.

Becoming President of the ADA once seemed like a dream that Dr. Gehani was uncertain would come true.  In an interview in ADA News, he recalled a conversation he had with his father many years ago, “I called my father and said, ‘I’m now an American citizen and now a member of the ADA.’ He was very proud and actually said to me, ‘I want to see you as president of that association.’ And of course, in my mind, that was not doable for me so I just laughed at him. That was not in my cards.”   His father’s unwavering faith in his son’s abilities provided the motivation needed to help Dr. Gehani realize this dream could become a reality.

As President, Dr. Gehani often describes his role as a servant-leader.   He will lead the close to 200,000 members of the ADA while advocating for patients’ rights to access quality oral healthcare- especially those living in communities that are underserved.   Dr. Gehani aims to improve patient outcomes and provide the guidance needed to help them make informed decisions about their treatment options.

In addition to his role as President of the ADA, Dr. Gehani continues to serve as a mentor to dental residents at Flushing Hospital where he has worked for over two decades.  As Chair of Endodontics, he focuses on offering high-quality dental services to patients and providing resources to benefit the community.   His devotion to bettering the communities he serves has earned him the Ellis Island Medal of Honor- presented to individuals who exemplify a life dedicated to community service.

“We are proud to have Dr. Gehani as Chair of Endodontics at Flushing Hospital and just as proud that he has been elected President of the American Dental Association.  Dr.  Gehani abides by a strict code of ethics which is reflected in the work that he does.  He is very community-oriented which is the culture promoted here at our hospital,” said Mr. Robert Levine, Executive Vice President and COO of Flushing Hospital.

Each year, Flushing Hospital collaborates with the American Dental Association to promote the Give Kids a Smile Program, providing a day of free preventative dental care to children in the community.   The hospital’s dental department also offers free dental screenings, oral cancer screenings, and oral health education in schools, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and several local organizations.

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