Facts About Robotic Surgery

You hear the words “robotic surgery” and your natural reaction might be one of fear. After all, surgery under any circumstance is intimidating; adding a robot into the mix could only increase your anxiety. While your concerns are justified, Flushing Hospital would like to share the following five facts about robotic surgery to put your fears to rest.Davinci Image

  1. Robotic surgery is always performed by an experienced surgeon.
    Using the state-of-the art da Vinci robotic surgical system, specially trained surgeons at Flushing Hospital are in total control of small, precise, minimally invasive tools. This system offers the surgeon more exact movements and a far wider range of motion within the small surgical site.
  2. Robotic surgery means smaller and fewer scars.
    Since surgeons only need two or three small incisions to successfully complete surgery with the da Vinci Si surgical system, larger, more invasive incisions are now a thing of the past. These small incisions heal much more quickly and resolve with far less scarring.
  3. Robotic surgery results in less pain or risk of infection.
    Minimally invasive surgery results in smaller incisions and much less pain during healing and recovery. Also, since the surgical site is smaller, the risk of infection is reduced dramatically.
  4. Robotic surgery results in a much faster recovery period.
    Due to the smaller incisions, patients tend to recover much more quickly from robotic surgery. In many cases patients require minimal hospital stays and are able to return to normal activities within days of the procedure.
  5. Robotic surgery treats a wide variety conditions.
    At Flushing Hospital Medical Center, many of our surgical specialists have been trained to expertly complete a wide range of procedures in the fields of gynecology, urology, bariatric surgery, and general surgery.

For more information about the da Vinci surgical system at Flushing Hospital, please call 718-670-3135.

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