Employee Spotlight Shines On Cyril Reid

May’s Employee Spotlight shines on Cyril Reid, better known to all as “CJ,” a Third Cook at Flushing Hospital Medical Center’s (FHMC) cafeteria.

Each morning, CJ is at the server grilling delicious breakfast fare for visitors and employees.  He is well known for his vegetable omelets.  He takes great pride and care in the preparation and presentation of each dish prepared.

Although CJ is a fairly new employee at FHMC, he has quickly developed a positive reputation and following.

When CJ is not at FHMC, he enjoys spending time with his lovely girlfriend, mother, grandmother and siblings.  When they are together CJ shares with them his love for family, basketball and, of course, food.

CJ stated that the most rewarding part of his job is, “Getting compliments from customers telling me that what I served them was delicious.” He tries his very best to make sure that any and all unforeseen obstacles within his control are addressed before he takes his place at the grill station.

For serving it up just right, we shine the Employee Spotlight on Cyril Reid.

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