Employee Spotlight – Lois Pettis, LPN, Office Manager Wound Care Center

This month’s Flushing Hospital Medical Center’s (FHMC) Employee Spotlight shines on Lois Pettis, LPN and Office Manager of the Wound Care Program.

Lois has one daughter, Maya Pettis .  Being widowed at a young age and having to raise  Maya on her own, Lois had to really focus on becoming the sole provider, caretaker and role model for her daughter.  She achieved those goals through her deep faith, positive attitude and strong work ethic.  Lois believes in leading by example and lead she does! That is why she is quick to beam with pride about the fact that Maya will soon be a graduate of Fordham University.

Originally from North Carolina, Lois and Maya have made their home in Rosedale, Queens where they are deeply involved with their church.  In fact, Lois is part of the Nurses Board at the church.

Lois Pettis feels that when you are in the medical profession, your calling is not only to be used when you are at your workplace. “I try to make everyone feel important.   That is very important to me- everyone deserves to be made to feel special,” stated Lois.  The “personal touch” is what she strives for her patients to feel, in addition to getting excellent health care.

Lois Pettis is a beloved member of the Wound Care Team.  A “normal” day for Lois Pettis is never completely normal.  Most of her day is spent scheduling patients, meeting with patients, speaking with insurance providers, family members and working on staffing issues.

“Lois is best known for her welcoming smile and gentle nature with our staff and patients.  She is an asset to our department and a large part of why our wound care center is so successful” said Fran Pugliese, Director of the Wound Care Center.

When asked what motivates her to do her job so well, Lois answers with a wide smile, “The patients! You have to understand that our patients sometimes come in for treatment multiple times a week.  You get to know them, their story and their family members.  They become family to us.”

Lois Pettis is a success in both her personal and professional life.  She is registered LPN, registrar, billing and coding expert, and will soon start a Master’s program in Hospital Administration.


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