Are Gummy Vitamins Good for my Child?

Gummy vitamins contain important nutrients to maintain a child’s health, but they can be damaging to your child’s teeth. Similar to candy, gummy vitamins stick to the grooves of your child’s teeth and can cause cavities.

Although your child may brush their teeth the recommended two times per day, toothbrush bristles cannot reach the deepest grooves of the back molars. Sticky sugar particles can remain embedded in the grooves, causing cavities when not brushed properly.

Try switching to traditional chewable tablets if you’re giving your child gummy vitamins. Before the age of two years, speak with your children’s pediatrician or pediatric dentist about a liquid vitamin.

If you believe your child has developed a cavity, ask at your child’s next dental visit or call The Dental Department at Flushing Hospital Medical Center at 718-670-5521 to schedule an appointment.

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