Alcohol Awareness Month


April is Alcohol Awareness Month.  It was established in 1987 as a way to lessen the stigma associated with alcoholism.  During this month, people are especially urged to participate in community outreach activities to disseminate information about alcohol, alcoholism and recovery.

Flushing Hospital Medical Center is reaching out to the social media community to raise awareness and share some ideas on how to take action and prevent alcohol abuse at home and in the community.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Encourage friends or family members to make small changes, like keeping track of their drinking and setting drinking limits.
  • Share tips with parents to help them talk with their kids about the risks of alcohol use.
  • Ask loved ones and friends to talk to their doctor about the benefits of drinking less or quitting.

Many people are unaware that alcoholism is a chronic progressive disease, genetically predisposed and can be fatal if left untreated.  The good news is that people can and have recovered.  To date, there are as many as 20 million individuals and family members who are living lives of recovery.

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