Employee Spotlight – Diana Garcia

September’s Employee Spotlight shines on Diana Garcia, Newborn Nursery RN, AHN, CLC at Flushing Hospital Medical Center (FHMC).

Diana is tasked with overseeing the Newborn Nursery Unit, performing newborn assessments and educating mothers and families on how to care for their newborns.

Diana joined the FHMC team in November of 2010.  She is a graduate of Long Island University Brooklyn and proud alum of St. Agnes Academic H.S.

When asked why she is so passionate about her work, Diana responded, “I was looking forward to breastfeeding my first child.  No one taught me how to breastfeed. I thought I was breastfeeding properly, but I wasn’t.” It was that lack of information which caused her son to become jaundiced and placed under phototherapy. This incident caused Diana to be discharged from the hospital before her infant.

That unsettling experience gave birth to why Diana Garcia is so committed to teaching mothers about the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding.

Throughout Diana’s day, she encounters a few challenges.  One of her “personal” challenges is getting mothers who relied on formula to try to breastfeed.  “So many mothers do not have the knowledge on how to breastfeed or the benefits that breastfeeding brings.” This was something Diana wanted to change and has dedicated her professional career to education and encouragement.

Although the breastfeeding journey begins in the hospital, Diana realizes that it is a challenge to maintain exclusivity in breastfeeding, especially when the mother is physically exhausted.  That is why she spends time reinforcing education and reminding the mothers of the benefits

In closing, Diana stated that she is “Honored to work at Flushing Hospital Medical Center because it is a Baby Friendly Hospital.”

For these and so many other reasons, we congratulate Diana Garcia for being September’s Employee Spotlight!

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