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Medical Staff Welcome Page
Flushing Hospital Medical Center

Welcome to the Flushing Hospital Medical Staff's private website. This password protected area is a communications tool created to provide greater information sharing with our valued medical staff.

In this area, we will include Medical Staff Meeting announcements, minutes of previous meetings, changes in the by-Laws or rules and regulations, education information that may be of interest to our physicians, updates on new services and many other features to keep you to date.

If you have any ideas for listings or features that you would like to see, please contact me at my email below. If you have any complaints, suggestions or if I can be of further assistance please email me at sklein.flushing@jhmc.org.


Sherman Klein, M.D.
President, Medical Staff Society Flushing Hospital Medical Center


Hospital Policy for Medical Staff
CONSENT-SURROGATE DECISION MAKING Health Care Decision-Making for Patients Who Lack Capacity